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Sam Reyes
IT (age 33)
Houston, Texas
I Stopped carrying a back up firearm. Still trying to figure out how to carry a tourniquet.

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Montana Actual ·
Do you want a RAT or something like a CAT? The standard tourniquets are pretty bulky. I carry a CAT in my bag, one in the door of my truck, and one on my vest, but I have been planning (for far too long and need to just buy it) on getting a RAT for on body. Still not a ton of placement options unless you go around your belt line and it's still bulky for most carry positions. I wear cargo pants 99% of the time, so in the cargo pocket is my best bet.
Jake Edvalson ·
I've had this question for abit. What do you find more practical about an O.T.F. knife rather than a normal flipper or assist open?