InCharge Keyring Cable


Size matters when it comes to settling on a portable cable, and by those standards InCharge has its rivals beat. This Micro USB or Lightning cable sports a short, flexible cable that forms a loop to wraps around your keychain when its two ends are snapped together magnetically. It also comes in eight colors, is too short to tangle, and costs about as much as two lattes.

via GearHungry

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Just backed it. Thanks for the heads up.
Backed it too...looks like it'll come in mighty handy. Can't wait to get mine
Eagerly anticipating delivery. Hope it holds up to my expectations.
Very nice. What is the other long key looking thingy in the photo?
Haha I don't think it's an actual tool or anything, or at least, not one I recognize. It just looks like a huge key lol

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