Back in Black

I'm back with black!

My first attempt with an all black set-up was a complete bust. You can check it out in my "Expectation vs. Reality - Key Set-Up Retrospective" submission.

With lessons learned I wanted the new set-up to be as compact as possible with minimal metal. The result is a sleek system that is quieter, with a smaller footprint. The KeyKuff, from Leef, is a great addition to protect the house key. It also reduces wear on the light, and provides little rattling. The SideSlip is actually easier to take on and off than the HK clip. The stainless steel cable is the heart of the setup.Most cables come in the standard 6". I was lucky to find highly rated multi-color ones that were 4". Overall, I'm happy with this latest version.

TL;DR - This dope set-up is a far superior 2.0 version of the one discussed in my Expectations vs Reality submission.

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