Simple Daily Needs

Tyson H.
Halifax N.S.
My first post here on EDC.com, been observing for a while now and have recently been very excited to perfect the items I carry on a daily basis, whether that be at work as a Security Guard or just out and about throughout the day. The Fitbit being my first smartwatch and really first watch that I constantly wear, I love it! Can't go without it now! I also just added a pen to the list as I do a lot of notes and paperwork at work. I was unsure what to get on the off chance that I loose a pen (very possible lol). When I found the new all steel F-701 I had to try it considering it was so cheap, the first days having it I am very impressed. I literally can not go anywhere without the ZT in my pocket despite its size. Of course a flashlight is always a must, again on the cheaper side of options but does just fine for the amount I use it. Hopefully I haven't been to boring for you, I am looking forward to updating my EDC in future!


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