5 Tools and 3 Combustion Devices

Based off of the 5 Tool Rule and 3 Combustion Devices that Dave Canterbury suggest.

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Dolph ·
I’m really confused by this post. Why are there 4 knives in this picture. That big one would perform the task of the 2 smaller ones. Really I think it’s the business cards. Why do you have 4 knives on you and some burnable business cards? The thing is I just found about this site, and I’ve come to the conclusion people just try to sell cool looking setups. Some stuff is awesome though, I just can’t seem to place this. Those bottom two knives I’d break when I fell over on them, and that big ass knife has no sheath. How can you carry it in your everyday carry? Also instead of 4 knives, would maybe something like a hatchet work? I just came from a week in Tahoe and to be honest replace those 2 bottom knives with a foldable shovel with a sharp edge and maybe a multi/small hatchet and that setup would make more senses. A week of freezing cold and I wouldn’t be able to use 1/2 those knives.

Also, what’s the point of all this combustible stuff if you have no way to harvest matieral to burn. Tools are definitely missing from this everyday carry.

Upon further reflection, I noticed this is a company posting their own items mixed with stuff that looks cool. I rate this at a 0/10, as it does not properly fulfill everyday carry. If a company is going to post advertisement here, at least it should be thought out and someone should have a little oversight. At least make the kits functional, please. I mean come in, the bottom 2 knives are pretty much identical...

For the record, I’m all for advertisement based setups. But, let’s make them at least functional guys. This is pretty bad.