New York | Spring

Matt M
New York, NY
My New York EDC is for the early spring. Due to the cold overcast with light rain, I included my compact mini umbrella. But when the weather warms up and the sun comes out, I need to be prepared to take the perfect picture. This EDC is for both my weekday commute and my weekend city exploring.

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Chuck Dee ·
I really like that daypack, but the price... do you find it worth it?
Chuck Dee ·
For anyone else looking to get it; the price is lower on the evermore site than on Amazon.
Matt M ·
$90 is a bit steep. I supported Evermore through Kickstarter so I received a discounted price. Such great quality though and very stylish and functional day pack. Can’t fit as much stuff as I want but other than that, I love it & highly recommend it.