Always in my pockets... and wrist

Ennio H M Barbosa
Lawyer (age 26)
Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul
Here is my EDC configuration that are always with me, specially work days at the office.
The Casio Edifice is with me for almost 10 years. The sak has the most needed tools in my daily routine (scissors, blade and screwdrivers). My flashlight is always helpfull and adds some beauty to my EDC with its copper body. The BIC 4-color is perfect to sign documents and make some notes and highlights.

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Drus ·
Ok ok but how do you store your watch in your wrist?

...sorry couldn’t be helped
Ennio H M Barbosa ·
In a small pouch clipped in a paracord bracelet! lol haha
Al3xKmbll ·
Nice an clean EDC, how useful has been the magnifying glass?
Ennio H M Barbosa ·
The magnifying glass has 6x magnification, it works very well. I don't have a special need for it, but sometimes is usefull to check documents with small font, etc. Other than that, its fun to look at small objects and even insects during free time... haha
Al3xKmbll ·
As a lawyer you have to be carefull with the small font!! perfect tool!!
Ennio H M Barbosa ·
That's true! Haha
Lon V ·
Like the simplicity and the Bic pen, it's great !