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BioLite Headlamp 330

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BioLite Headlamp 330

With summer on the way and the days getting longer, some people might start putting their flashlights away to hibernate until next winter. But a solid light can be an essential part of your EDC year round, especially if you find yourself working outdoors or trying to stay active. The traditional EDC of choice would be a handheld flashlight—but when you're really working with your hands, a headlamp is the superior choice for hands-free illumination. Typically other headlamps can be bulky or difficult to use, but the BioLite Headlamp 330 offers a much more streamlined experience that makes it worth adding to your EDC.

When you use a regular flashlight, being able to use both hands is a luxury. But for some jobs, it's a requirement. The Biolite Headlamp 330 proves capable not only for the usual outdoor activities but also for general utility tasks, especially when you're working in tight spaces and need both hands to get the job done. Two major features set the Headlamp 330 apart from your typical headlamp: its cleverly designed headband and its four-mode lighting system.

Rather than positioning the light, battery, and circuitry all on the front of your head, the Headlamp 330 takes a more balanced approach to achieve a comfortable, slim profile. The lights and operation switch sit up front, while the battery pack counters that weight at the rear of the headband. The necessary wiring is integrated into the band itself, keeping out of the way and resulting in a slimmer fit that works well even under a helmet. Thanks to this balanced configuration, combined with moisture-wicking fabrics used on the headband, the Headlamp 330 resists slippage and bouncing. It makes even longer sessions comfortable whether you're hitting the trail for a nighttime run, looking down under the hood of a car, or looking up at a leaky pipe that needs fixing, for example.

From high-output outdoor adventuring to intricate repair work, there's no such thing as “one beam fits all.” That's why the Headlamp 330 offers lighting solutions at both ends of the spectrum: first, a 100-lumen floodlight gives wide, even illumination for a big-picture view of up-close tasks. Next, a powerful 230-lumen spot beam throws out to a much farther 75 meters, handy for long distance lighting like when road running or working outdoors. Together, they output a total of 330 lumens for when you need maximum brightness. Two other lighting modes round out its versatility: a red flood for helping preserve night vision, and an intense, far-reaching strobe in case of emergency.

You can also dial in the angle of the light as an added convenience with a quick tilt of the Headlamp 330's articulating base. It's just as easy to control the light via its top-mounted switch, which turns the light on or off, switches modes, and also locks out accidental button presses. The Headlamp 330's integrated 900mAh battery pack lasts 3.5 hours on High and 40 hours on Low, and can be easily recharged via micro USB.

While traditional flashlights have a place in many EDCers' pockets, the BioLite Headlamp 330 offers a variety of use cases that make it worth picking up to complement your EDC whether it's camping, commuting, or just quick fixes around the house. It's available in four different color options at the link below. 

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