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SOG Terminus XR

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Miguel Mendoza
SOG Terminus XR

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When the original Terminus was released, it showed that SOG could deliver on an urban, everyday knife that broke free from the aggressive, tactical stylings the company was best known for. The sleek slipjoint was subtle, discreet, and designed to perform well for EDC. The new SOG Terminus XR takes the original's foundations and beefs them up in every way for EDC, from premium materials, versatile deployment, to an all-new locking mechanism that makes it even smoother to operate. The Terminus XR finishes what its predecessor started, earning its spot as a rock-solid choice for an all-around, high-performance knife.

A modern design with updated features and quality construction using premium materials come together to make the Terminus XR a knife built to handle most EDC tasks. For starters, its handles are made from G10 and carbon fiber, a robust combination that offers an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Together they provide excellent durability while allowing both enough texture via milled out grooves to give ample grip in hand and smooth retrieval from your pockets. Skeletonized stainless steel liners also serve as the backbone of the XR lock while keeping the handles lightweight and balanced.

The Terminus XR's namesake lock mechanism offers versatility not only in securing the blade, but deploying it too, letting you get to the cutting action in three different ways. A jimped flipper tab found on the back allows traditional high-speed deployment, with the blade flipping out with a nice and smooth flick and closing with a satisfying snap. Dual thumb studs allows ambidextrous handling as its second approach, uncommon on knives where a flipper is present. Finally, disengaging the XR lock itself (built with two spring-loaded latches found on both sides of the knife) allows the blade to slip out freely. Once deployed, its 2.95” blade capably handles both piercing and general slicing tasks thanks to a clip point geometry and premium CTS BDZ1 steel, known for its outstanding hardness and edge retention to stand up to daily use.

If you're looking for a practical knife that offers a sleek appearance and great performance, all without breaking the bank, then the SOG Terminus XR is a great place to start. Grab one today by visiting the link below.

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Christoph ·
SOG for many years has raised prices for declining quality. I just picked one of these up last week and honestly I would think this knife was Taiwanese made for at least $80 to $100 retail. The thumb studs are a little hard to use and the clip allows thin material to ride up over the handle's end (could also do without the billboard cutout). However its very solid with well executed lock, practical blade shape and comfortable ergos. Jury is still out on BDZ edge retention.
Nightwatch ·
Sad to say, I have had similar experiences of late. I bought one of SOG's Dark energy flashlights only to find that it lacked features that chinesium lights have the price have. It had a plastic lens, easily scratched, had a pocket clip that was flimsy, and in removing it, found that the mounting screws of it penetrated the flashlight body, nullifying the waterproofedness unless sealed back in properly. This and hearing some other reviews critical of their current quality, I have been hesitant to buy any of their products since.
Nightwatch ·
er, that should be "Half the price"
saint_shinobi ·
Ok. I just found the new Happy Birthday Knife to myself...
Charles ·
what brand of earbuds are those in the photo?
Charles ·
TRELAB earbuds..