My Everyday Carry

Munich, Germany
Actually, I´m working more doing production managing as a stagehand, therefore I don´t carry everyday big knives and I try to keep as light and minimalistic as possible, therefore is my small fixed blade in my backpack.
My EDC bag and my wallet are from Vanquest, I recently fallen in love with this brand since they´re a way better alternative to maxpedition and similar ones.

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B, Alex....it´s a magnetic key we use at work to get into our office, backstage and storage rooms... Mike: this is the original one, not from Böker...;)
Any thoughts on where to get the Boker with the black handle? Only seeing OD green on the internets. This feels like a good entry point for a fixed blade for me.
What is the circle device on the paracord lanyard?
I'm curious too 🤔 Maybe an RFID device, or a dog training clicker 🐶