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Mon Garcia

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These days, knife enthusiasts and EDCers are spoiled for choice when it comes to designs for both traditional and modern gentlemen's knives. And while the term “gentlemen's knives” may evoke images of expensive ultra-svelte premium knives, there are some more affordable gems to find if you look hard enough. Enter the CRKT Ruger LCK, a modern, distinctive, and attractive design by custom knifemaker Matthew Lerch. It is meant to be a slim, easy-to-carry, and affordable option for those looking for a practical gentleman's flipper.

Sporting a 3.325” blade made from the affordable yet ubiquitous 8Cr13MoV steel, the LCK is currently available with either a satin-finished drop point shape designed for cutting and piercing, or a discreet black modified sheepsfoot blade best suited for slicing. In spite of its minimal profile, the blade's extra length and finger choil allow for a better grip and optimal control while in use. The blade deploys via flipper tab from the LCK's glass-reinforced nylon handles, and secures with a familiar locking liner. The handles themselves feature design cues inspired by the LCK's firearm namesake, the LCP II, as shown in the textured diagonal grooves on the scales to add both an improved grip and sleek design. The LCK (Lightweight Compact Knife) also borrows from the LCP's name (Lightweight Compact Pistol) for both design inspiration and functional intent—at only 2.6 ounces and with a closed length of 4.125”, the knife is pocketable and discreet, especially with its slim profile and deep-carry pocket clip.

With gentleman’s folders enjoying great popularity due to their practicality and portability, the CRKT Ruger LCK could be your diamond in the rough: a slim, light, and affordable gentleman's knife designed to feel good in hand and fit well in your pocket. You can pick one up at the link below.

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Steve Shepard ·
I got off a plane, and in today's world know you can't bring them with you like you once did, and needed a knife. I own probably a 100 of varying quality and steels, so was looking for something to just have with me for the moment. Cabela's had this little guy. Slim, sharp, DECENT edge retention, lays in a pocket beautifully for a professional looking to carry, but not have anything gouging from your pocket. For 25ish dollars, you can't go wrong. Some times more isn't always more.
Mon Garcia ·
I'm glad you like it, too. The slim profile and deep pocket clip really do make for an unobtrusive daily carry. Lerch hit a home run with this design. Hoping CRKT does a future iteration with maybe better steel.
Jay The Knife Beater ·
Excellent, very well written. I'm convinced now, thank you.