My first EDC!

So I was in law enforcement but moved states and career for a short time. This was really my first kinda EDC. Recently I caught the themed EDC bug! So I took a picture of what it is now so I can see how it changes over the next few weeks/months and felt like sharing it. This is very much based around the leather due to working with high end vehicle customers so that's why I chose the leather. I plan to get back to LE soon so my next EDC will be a more tactical feel using FDE to play off the AZ desert. I hope someone enjoys seeing this. Thanks

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OWB to IWB conversion? Check out JM Kydex.


Fit that big boy in your pants a little easier ;) I plan on getting one for my new S&W. I also tried concealing a Glock 22 with OWB to IWB... did not work at all lol. Just wanted to test the waters of concealing a full size. Not for me. Kudos for being able to, but check out those IWB models. They used to have an option called "Extra tuck". Email him to ask about it b/c I don't see it anymore, but what it did was a portion of the kydex on the barrel body side stuck out the way those foam wedges do, pushing the grip inwards to make concealing easier. Not sure why it's not available right now. I have searched TONS of kydex options, and JM is by far the best.