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Lever Gear BitVault

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Lever Gear BitVault

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When it comes to EDC hassles, size and storage are two of the biggest culprits, for unfortunately the opposite reasons. Big tools are the most useful but also take up the most space, while smaller essentials are harder to organize and find in your pockets. Lever Gear sought out to solve both of these problems in one fell swoop. With the BitVault, they've designed a way to let you carry and use a bit kit conveniently, while also giving you an organized space to stash other small, hard-to-carry essentials. With the BitVault's sleek and compact form factor that slips right into your pocket or onto your keyring, your important tools are always within reach.

At its core, the BitVault is a compact container that carries either a bit set or small essentials like pills or emergency cash, with removable tray dividers to configure storage as needed. It comes with a uni-body construction 3.13” long made from aluminum alloy, with a sealed, watertight compartment to secure its contents. The flat, rectangular form factor works with the included clip so the BitVault can lay flush in your pocket, with a tail end carabiner-style slot that lets you attach a keyring as a secondary carry option. And of course, a hex bit slot on the top drives the bits it's carrying, letting the BitVault itself act as a handle for a better grip. The whole package carries light at a little over an ounce, with enough room in its storage for 11cm³ worth of items, striking a good balance for EDC.

Whether you need a compact tool kit for everyday tasks, a rugged emergency stash, or an easier way to carry your smallest EDC items, Lever Gear's BitVault has space to spare. Pick one up in black or gray at the Amazon link below.

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Greg ·
I invested in this product when it was first on Kickstarter. At the time, I was hoping to get a BitLight, but that project was scrapped. As a refund, Lever Gear offered the backers of the BitLight a BitVault at backer price plus the difference between the two. So all told, I saved a few bucks over Amazon, but ended up waiting almost a year. But I digress...
As for the BitVault itself, it is a handy little tool/carrying case. Mine came with a flathead and phillips hex bit set. I set up my dividers to hold two doses of Advil (I get frequent headaches), and the two bits. I have to agree with those who have mentioned it on Amazon, stuff rattles inside. If it's secured inside an EDC bag, it's not a big deal. But in your pocket or clipped to your belt, it can get annoying. That said, I do like for what it is. Would I pay 50 bucks for it? No, the quality isn't quite there.
My two cents. Cheers!