Budget EDC Gems for my Musical World

Aleksandra Rain
As a musician and sound designer I'm always on the move. I needed a kit that would allow me to record ideas and field recordings on the fly and be able to take notes digitally and physically. I can be a little careless, so I focused on choosing bang for buck in all my items so that loosing them won't hurt the bank and I can keep moving on with my day. Portability with a dash of practicality and comfort were my focus in bringing this kit to life.

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Knowbody ·
I had a smok novo for a long time. Really harsh compared to a full size mod. Never thought I'd make the switch but glad I did. Every try a mod style vape? Some can be fairly small, but my current one is the geekvape aegis legend. They just came out with a aegis solo that is half the size, so I am picking one up, but I'll never go back to those pen style kinds. They are so costly to maintain and harder on your throat.
Aleksandra Rain ·
Hey there! I actually went from a mod kit to the novo. I dont vape everyday which is why I moved to this little pod. I actually find it really smooth, I love the simplicity of it but sometimes I do miss being able to customise the intake. They would be costly for a heavy user. Thanks for the geekvape tip, I’ll check it out!