Old enough for my stuff to be "vintage"


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That pioneer is so damn pretty.
Grail of Grails - I have two "81" stamped Pioneers, one looks like I look (all dinged up and worn around the edges), this one is pristine. I pull out the pristine one every once in a while but I'm a little afraid to carry it because I doubt I'll ever see another one.
the hamilton deserves the SAK.

Yep, they go together like peanut butter and jelly...
What's the LS2?
Arc was a very early upscale flashlight company. Their most famous light is probably the Arc AAA. The LS series were the first commercially available Luxeon Star lights - the first lights to use high powered LEDs beyond 5mm Nichia bulbs. The LS2 is the second version which uses a high dome luxeon emitter. 16 lumens from a cr123a light - state of the art flashlight tech 17 years ago ;)
But the fit, finish and construction are much nicer than any of my modern lights. It feels like a Rolls Royce built tank.