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Trending Gear: June 2019

Mikey Bautista
Trending Gear: June 2019

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Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site.

Not only is looking through their pockets this way super interesting, but it's also a great way to find really cool gear you never even knew existed (yet somehow, suddenly need…).

When you hover over an item you like and click on it in these photos, you're also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. Each click gets recorded to create a data-driven ranking of the most popular gear, which you can find in our Gear section of the site found in the top menu bar.

Gear with the most views and clicks climbs its way to the top of this feed and lets the EDC community know what's trending right this second.

This past June you were keen on eye-catching unique knife designs, powerful compact flashlights, and an EDC-worthy morning commute essential. Let's take a look at all the gear you were most interested in…

The Most Popular EDC Gear from June 2019

10. Yellow Birch Outfitters Pockit

With all the gear in EDCer’s pockets, organization is half the battle. Opening up last month’s most popular items is the PocKit from Yellow Birch Outfitters, a compact organizer built to house and carry your three most important essentials. Made from robust and water-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon and sewn together with mil-spec Nylon #69 thread, the PocKit comes with three slots for your favorite combination of knife, light, and pen. Staying prepared shouldn’t mean storing a mess in your pockets, so a caddy or organizer is a great option for keeping it all together.


9. Coast G20

Thanks to the slim, familiar form factor, penlights offer a unique solution for specific lighting tasks. Last month’s 9th most popular item is a popular and affordable option from Coast, powered by a convenient pair of AAA batteries. The G20 flashlight comes with a serviceable 36-lumen output which is plenty for up-close inspection tasks, and the penlight design lets you grip or hold the light as comfortably as you would a pen for precise output. Aluminum construction and an included clip let the G20 carry easily for EDC.

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8. Southern Grind Bad Monkey

At the 8th spot is a brand and knife which may not be familiar to many EDCers, but Southern Grind’s Bad Monkey means business. The knife comes with a 4“ Sandvik 14C28N steel blade, with an above-average hardness for a lengthy edge duration. You get to the action fast via thumb studs or the Emerson Wave feature, quickly deploying its versatile drop point blade and locked in place with a titanium liner. When finished with your tasks, the blade folds back into the Bad Monkey’s grippy G10 handles, which come with titanium liners and unique short pocket clip for minimal fuss when carried in your pocket.

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7. Ridge Wallet

Coming it at #7 is a wallet that’s nothing like a traditional bifold, with a design that strips away excess for something elegantly simple. At its core, the Ridge Wallet is composed of two lightweight yet durable aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum plates. Bound by expandable elastic bands and further reinforced with stainless steel screws, the Ridge has enough room for up to 12 of your most essential cards. Its clever metal construction not only keeps it light at just 2 ounces, but it also makes it naturally resistant against RFID skimming, keeping your personal information safe. And if you need to carry cash, there's dedicated space for folded bills using your choice of either a cash strap or money clip.


6. KeepCup

Many EDC tools are designed to deal with everyday tasks, but no amount or quality of hardware can help with the problem last month’s 6th most popular item handily deals with: delivering a cup of coffee to help you start off your day (right). The KeepCup is an environmentally-conscious option to have your daily cup of joe, made from sustainable and reusable materials. This Almond model comes in glass and cork, with a Polypropylene lid that’s ergonomic to sip and keeps your drink sealed. It’s a compact cup that quenches your thirst but won’t increase your waste.

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5. Kershaw Shuffle II

The Shuffle II that’s last month’s 5th most popular item remains one of the best compact manual folders made by Kershaw, with a comfortable ergonomic tactical styling, stout 2.6” tanto blade, and the ever-ready bottle opener at the pommel of the blade. It's designed better than the original Shuffle, making it easier to crack open a cold one when you're not using the 8Cr13MoV blade for cutting and slicing utility tasks. That rear tool also doubles as a lanyard hole and screwdriver in a pinch. And despite the somewhat aggressive styling, the manual open and small size of the knife make it less imposing to the knife-averse than many other EDC options.

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4. RovyVon C10 EDC Pen

Few things are more EDC than a tough, tactical pen, and last month’s 4th most popular item is no different. Putting together the designs of both a thick, overbuilt pen and the satisfying tactile feel of a bolt-action switch, the RovyVon C10 pen is bombproof writing option when you need an indestructible pen in your carry. It's made from titanium and ticks all the boxes of a fully featured tactical pen: a ceramic ball on its tip for glass-breaking or other emergencies, a built-in pocket clip for ease of EDC, and a common refill in the Schmidt P900 ballpoint. And at under 5“ long, the C10 has the tactical features you need without taking up a ton of space.

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3. CRKT Provoke

The Southeast Asian-born karambit takes many shapes and sizes, but many of them center around a fixed or folding deployment feature. Last month’s 3rd most popular item takes knifemaker Joe Caswell’s “Kinematic” folding innovation and gives the CRKT Provoke karambit a dynamic opening and closing mechanism that performs as well as it looks. A 4-piece interlocking system of aluminum shapes that make up the handle allows the Provoke to “morph” from a compact form factor measuring 5“ to a full-length, full-grip knife, complete with 2.41” D2 steel hooked blade. An included ergonomic clip rounds out one of the most interesting modern karambit designs to date.

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2. RovyVon A3 

Now in its 7th iteration, RovyVon’s Aurora series has had a lengthy run of compact flashlight excellence. From powerful outputs to unique body materials and creative use of extraneous LEDs, the series has become a mainstay for many EDCers. As one of the earlier Aurora models, the A3’s key feature is its hard-anodized aluminum body, simply housing a single switch on its side, a lanyard/keychain cutout on its tail, and a Cree XP-G3 LED on its business end. Everything is housed within a compact 2.12“ frame, IP65-rated for ample dust and water resistance for daily use. Whether picking up the A3 or any of its equally impressive brethren, the Aurora series is a solid option for your next EDC keychain light.

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1. Gerber Pocket Square 

Whether a choosing a timeless traditional or opting for modern materials, a gent’s knife has a special place in every EDC. Last month’s most popular item, the Gerber Pocket Square, features a 3" drop point blade that rests flush with the handle when closed. You can swing it open with either hand because it has ambidextrous thumb lifts that also lie flush. The secure liner lock holds the blade in place when deployed but it also doesn't disrupt the knife's sleek lines. In a similar way, you can keep the reversible tip-up deep carry pocket clip or remove it if it suits you. And if aluminum doesn't do it for you there's a glass-filled nylon handle version to choose from, too.

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What stood out to you most in this monthly round-up? Let us know in the comments below. 

To keep up with past trending gear, be sure to check out our round-up archives.

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Montana Actual ·
Kershaw makes blades using 14C28N, and they are around $50. The Southern Grind Bad Monkey is $250!!! In that range, you should be looking at S35VN or M390. Not a mid range steel that has decent heat treatment.

Also, I have a Yellow Birch Outfitters PocKit Pro, and they are well made. It's too bulky for my type of carry, but if you have a smaller gentleman's knife or a Victorinox, it would fit great. Personally, I wanted to try something like this but just don't like the size and having to pull my notebook out then rest it on the pen/light/knife setup to write on the go. I have a Recycled FireFighter Rite In The Rain notebook that all I have to do it open it and write. Also, trying to fit the PocKit Pro in my back pocket took up a lot of space. For jeans, it stuck waaaay out. There was no way it would fit in any front pocket either. I have grown adapt to carrying my knife on my weak side front pocket, my light on my strong side front pocket, top bound notebook and pen in the RFF kit in the right rear, and wallet in my rear left. I do this because I AIWB or OWB carry every day, but even the slim chance I don't, it just makes sense to me that way. Phone in front left as well, keys in front right. Knife is backup which is why it's non dominant side. I don't carry two of anything on me, but in my backpack there is 2+ extras/batteries etc etc.

SO... basically, if you enjoy carrying the all in one pocket way, I almost question whether you actually use your stuff, or if you actually enjoy taking it all out for one item and letting people see the contents of it. This especially goes for ones who carry their money/credentials that way. Not safe IMHO.
J.S. Leonard ·
14C-28N is like VG-10 only better edge retention and HRC. 14C-28N out performs S30V because of this. On top of 14C-28N holding an edge better it's also easier to sharpen.
As for Kershaw useing it...yeah they do. But Kershaw's 14C-28N is hardened to 58 HRC while Southern Grind is hardened to 62 HRC while S30V is 60 HRC.

Don't get caught up on steel snob feelings. The better heat treat, craftsmanship and materials makes the Southern Grind a better overall knife.
Montana Actual ·
Mikey Bautista ·
I'm really running out of excuses to pick up that CRKT Provoke. Love me some karambits!
Greg ·
Just do it, Mikey! You're wallet will forgive you. 😁
Bernard Capulong ·
Feeling that RovyVon pen. I really like their lights (and the A3 rightfully ranked high this month), hopefully the pen is of the same caliber