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Dango Coin Capsule

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Dango Coin Capsule

Until we move to a completely cashless society, we’re unfortunately stuck with cold, hard, currency. Coins especially can be a pain due to their weight and irregular sizes. Carrying them in the pocket is bad enough thanks to the jangle and damage they could cause to other items carried with them, but pulling them out to pay is just as bad as you try and hunt-and-peck your way through a handful. There have been attempts to solve this problem with tools like a coin dispenser, but for Dango, it’s worth taking to the next level. Their new Coin Capsule is an overbuilt coin system that’s designed to do one thing and do it well: make managing coins simple and efficient. It’s a great way to stack, store, and spend your coins while integrating with the rest of your EDC.

The Coin Capsule’s design houses the five unique coin sizes of American currency between two slabs of machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. The “lid” twists into the main body, and comes with three slits that line up with the coin compartments and make them easier to pinch out an exact number when you’re ready to cash out. There’s space for up to $5.44 in change: 16 quarters, 10 dimes, 7 nickels and 9 pennies. The simple design wastes no space and makes the most of its space, compared to all that change loose in your pockets.

Carrying the Coin Capsule is just as simple. You have an option to either clip it to your pants or bag by way of a stainless steel clip, or integrate with the rest of your gear by way of a tether loop hole. And speaking of integrating, you have a choice of satin silver or anodized jet black colorways for the Capsule, letting you match it perfectly with the rest of your EDC.

With its unique and specific design, the made in the USA Dango Coin Capsule addresses a unique American problem with the fit and finish you’ve come to expect from the brand. Change it up by checking it out at Dango’s site at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango Products.

Discussion (10 total)

Joe T ·
So... dango unchanged?
Page Lavine ·
Seems like it could be made a lot smaller if they cut the height in half. I don’t really have the pocket space for that. I also don’t need to carry $5.44 in change. Great idea, not so great execution.
Kobaljov ·
Yes, I think this size and the amount of coins seems "overkill" (except for the "heavy coin users"). Plus when it's not fully loaded the coins will start to rattle?
RadicalLeftBear ·
Just buy a coin purse or small zippered bag... Who carries 5.44$ around with them loose in their pocket?!!!!?
Efrain Suarez II ·
I like it. They had me until I saw the pics and where the change is held, it’s just milled. That’s just silly and lazy design that they not make them with a spring to mitigate rattle. Go back to the drawing board.
0880 ·
Nice, but overkill as others have said. For myself, I've been using a Chawly Changer for years now and it's worked well for me.
Dayne ·
Their website is amazing
Page Lavine ·
I second the Chawly Changer. Slim, sleek, and spring loaded. The website is very outdated but its worth the money if you use cash at all.
Brandon Hall ·
How does it handle if, say, you only have a single coin in it? Will it rattle? Turn sideways and fall out? Are the coins sprung to the top or do they slide freely?
Page Lavine ·
From what I can see, they would rattle if not full. Also looks like you can't tilt it to get the coins out or you will spill out the other coins.