my take on a tacti-cool gentlemen carry

John Wallace
Concord, CA
This entire carry is very slim once the alox cadet and lynch nw pry tool are stowed away in the hitch and timber.

i have a thing for pretty nice materials and this carry shows it. with the leather from the hitch and timber pocket runt 2.0 and the titanium of the lynch northwest titanium all access pass and he metal comb works standard 22 titanium pocket comb.

what adds on to the nice materials is that most of the items in this carry are also all made in the USA. which include the benchmade bugout, lynch northwest all access pass, the metal comb works standard 22, the fisherspace pen bullet, the hitch and timer pocket runt 2.0 and the key-bar.

every thing here also performs its functions very well and is a great carry for any person to get be ready for what the day may bring you. while looking good and staying practical.

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Jeremy Lyons ·
I love my hitch and timber and I also carry the bugout I tend to break clips off knives so I carry my bugout and a flashlight in my hitch and timer.