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Jacob Dean
Central Point, Oregon

Always have my camera and a spare tape on my at all times! You never know when something will happen. I think that's most of my EDC's, but I'm sure I missed something.P.S. Ordered my first Key Smart to try to clean up those keys. Hoping for a second one for Christmas ;).

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Brian Diks ·
Awesome camera mate! I used that when I first started getting in to video and I miss it every day...
Jon Nordvik ·
A PD-170? That thing came out when you were twelve. I'd try and get hold of something like a Canon T5i with a wide lens if I were you.
Jacob Dean ·
If I had a choice, I wouldn't bother with a DSLR. The type of news I generally shoot with that camera requires a little more of a NOW style demand. I don't have time to deal with poor auto-focus while trying to shoot a police chase flying by.

For the shoots when I've got a little more time to get creative I use a Sony DSR 300.

Wish we were HD, tho. #SmallStationProblems
"Photojournalist"... Looks more like Crimereporter with a Police-Scanner.
Jacob Dean ·
Ouch. I work evenings and the lone producer/anchor at the station isn't good at listening to the scanner.