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Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

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Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

By now you’ve probably already put a ton of thought into what gear works best for your day-to-day, but what about your pen? If what you’re writing with still feels like an afterthought, it might be time for an upgrade. Tactile Turn makes premium pens from solid metal, right here in the US, with precision craftsmanship you’d expect from the rest of the gear in your kit. For a truly unique tactile writing experience, look no further than the bolt action pen. Tactile Turn revamped their Bolt Action Pen with fresh and functional updates, refining this satisfying jotter into an even better option for your EDC.

The new Bolt Action Pen keeps many of the same great features Tactile Turn offers that separate them from the rest. Tactile Turn’s signature micro-ridge texture covers the entire metal surface of the pen, offering excellent grip no matter how or where you choose to hold the pen without the sometimes uncomfortable or aggressive “bite” of traditional knurling. For ease of carry, the pen comes with a custom-made, deep-carry stainless steel clip that doubles as an anti-roll mechanism.

The biggest improvement on the revised Bolt Action Pen comes in the form of its overhauled bolt channel. Previous versions of the Bolt Action Pen had a “C”-shaped bolt channel, which came with a steep learning curve and also resulted in a visible void in the body where the bolt rested while retracted. The newly refined Bolt Action Pen eliminates these issues, resulting in an easier to use and better looking pen. A “J”-shaped channel replaces the “C” for a more fluid and intuitive motion to deploy the pen. The bolt itself is now sized to fill any gaps that would have been left behind when the pen is extended.

Always looking to improve their designs, Tactile Turn made the effort to make subtle visual changes to the pen that add up in a big way. A flat, polished top replaces the original rounded top at the back of the pen. On the writing end, you’ll find a new, sturdier tip profile. Combined, these changes make for a solid metal EDC pen that’s both more reliable and fun to fidget with.

You can pick up your own Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen in a standard version that accepts G2 cartridges or a “Short” version that uses the popular Parker-style ink refills. Each pen is made entirely in the USA in Tactile Turn’s Texas-based machine shop. They’re available in premium metals like titanium, bronze, copper, or zirconium. Pick one up for your kit at the link below.

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Discussion (6 total)

Jason ·
What is the case the pens are displayed in.
Julz ·
It’s the Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case in black/grey
scott bowen ·
old enough to remember when these were called maxmadco -_-
Nickolas Naoumis ·
I also would like to know what that case is.
ThForgetfulWolf ·
The pens are $99 to $249 a piece. Seriously.
33ww ·
They are "EDC" pens, and possibly "tactical" as well.

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