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Trending: Keyport Pivot Essential Bundle

Bernard Capulong
Trending: Keyport Pivot Essential Bundle

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Trending the charts for Minimalist Monday is Keyport's Pivot Essential Bundle, an all-in-one EDC setup that consolidates your keys, a flashlight, and multi-tool. The Keyport Pivot serves as the foundation of the bundle, with its modular aircraft grade aluminum chassis holding 2-9 keys. True to its name, the keys swivel out on a single pivot as needed, then tuck away neatly and silently for a streamlined EDC. 

The MOCA multi-tool rides alongside your keys within the Pivot chassis, covering your bases with its bottle opener, ruler, multi-wrench, cutting hook, and pry/driver tip. Last but not least, an LED flashlight module attaches to the exterior of the chassis, giving you quick access to 12 lumens of floody light for general, up-close tasks like reading in poor light or finding keyholes in the dark. 

Because the Pivot platform is modular, this bundle makes for a great starting point if you want to customize your own setup. If you just want your bases covered with backups on your keychain without the bulk, the Keyport Pivot Essential Bundle's well-curated set of tools should do the trick too. Check it out at the link below.

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Chuck ·
I've built all of this into my CarboCage with the exception of the light It's carbon fiber and lightweight. 12 lumens isn't enough when you need real light. Check out the Nitecore TIP. 340 lumens if you need it. The Lucie flash drive is flatter than a key. It fits right in.