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Lassi-Waltteri Paasi
Knifemaker (age 38)
Espoo, Finland
I could go on for weeks talking about my stuff but I’ll try to keep it short.

I've been upgrading my EDC slowly for a while now and still have a long way to go before I reach my dream EDC (if there even is such a thing), however I am quite happy what it looks like at the moment.
Few add-ons still in the mail, but this it what it looks like now.

I’ve had that brass Zippo for over 20 years and I love the scratches, dents and patina it has gathered over the years.

The signet ring is an updated silver version from an earlier boring steel ring I made and it has my family emblem (and since 2015 my company logo) on it. This one is made by a goldsmith friend of mine and I love it and because of what it represents I almost never take it off.

My wallet is a DIY leather bifold I made a while ago and it fits all five cards I need. And it also fits my backup Zebra T Mini Ballpoint Pen.

In Finland these prybars are totally unknown thing so I decided to make one before I buy one just to see what the fuss is all about. So far I’ve only opened a few bottles with it so I think I might remove it from my EDC.

The Urban Trapper Petite is one of my favorite knives ever. Small but still more than capable of tackling all light tasks it needs to do along the day. And man it’s gorgeous, super sharp and the action is sooo sweet.

I bought a cheap Square G-Shock a while ago and instantly fell in love with it so I wanted a bit better version for my everyday use. This one never runs out of battery as long as there is light in the world and as long as there are those certain six satellites in the sky it also always shows correct time. The aged steel bezel and bracelet I bought from eBay and they look so much better than the shiny steel version that Casio has.

I’m pretty sure that the TPT is familiar item to almost everyone already so it needs no introduction.

Machine Era Field Pen Compact is my favorite EDC pen at the moment and until I find a better one it will stay in my carry.

I carry an Olight S2R Baton in my backpack if more power is needed, but that Massdrop Flashlight is just perfect for my everyday use.

I forgot my keys and my phone from the picture. Keys are in a leather DIY key organizer pouch type thing and my phone is iPhone 8 in a green nudient case.

At the moment I’m slowly shifting in to titanium with some of my items and the next one on the list is probably a flashlight. Preferably Titanium and a triple A size. There was a Klarus Mi7 Titanium Flashlight at Drop but it didn’t get enough participation so I didn’t get that. All suggestions are welcome.

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That's awesome what you did with the G-Shock!