Tactical Beach Wear EDC

My 5.11 Athos shorts are perfect for summer carry. They feature deep pockets, a "media" pocket on the front that comfortably conceals my iPhone XS. they also have concealed pockets near the waistband on each side that fit AR 15 magazines should you need them...

Oakley M Frame ballistic eye wear is equally at home on the beach or at the range and will give you protection from the sun and shrapnel.

President Trump challenge coin, because its bound to out rank all other challenge coins :)

I like to keep my key chain light, so i only have the bear essentials fitted. The key smart keeps spiky keys from damaging pocket linings and it nice and quiet when walking around (no jangling keys).

You'll see my EDC stays pretty consistent with all my other submissions, and that is the whole point of Every Day Carry. Its important to supplement your carry depending on your situation,, so I awlays have a go bag in my car, and add some key items to my beach/work bag in case SHTF.

Stay safe, keep low, move fast...

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How do you find the Athos Shorts size? Is there any give in them?
They come up larger than the size stated. So you’ll need a belt to hold them up. They would be good for concealed carry if your state allows.