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Trending: Swiss+Tech Micro-Tech 6-in-1

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Swiss+Tech Micro-Tech 6-in-1

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We kick off Multi-tool Monday with a unique folding tool from Swiss+Tech. The Micro-Tech has 6 functions folded into its form factor, including a compact pair of pliers, a pair of drivers, wire tools, and even 1/8" rule markings all in a 1.875” x 1” steel package that weights only 1.6 ounces. Simply turn down the Micro-Tech's "legs," and you're ready to work. When closed, the pliers pull double duty as an attachment point for your keychain, so the tool is always at hand and ready to spring into action. Check it out and pick one up at the link below.

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Johan Bertilsson ·
Looks like it is bladless, then it would be safe to carry when you travel by air. I think i shall pick one up.