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OK Boch, here it is, The Crimson Pirate's EDC. Except for the fire kit I use almsot all of it every month.

I frequently need a hands free light, so I carry headlights. I frequently need to access a light or knife when one hand is already engaged so I carry a light and knife on each side. I frequently need to lend people lights or knives so I carry multiples.

Some of this stuff I have had for so long that I no longer remember the brands or models.

I rotate guns, preferring higher capacity (Glock 23, XD Mod 2) in more permissive environments and more compact guns (XDS, Kahr CW) in less permissive but still legal environments. Sometimes I carry a Star BM. My holster options include the Galco Fletch and a Galco IWB for the Glock, A Shado 1911 Belt Slide or Kydex IWB for the Star, a DeSantis dual carry for the Mod 2, and Uncle Mike's pocket holsters for the Kahr and XDS. But lately my favorite holster is the Alien Gear Shapeshift. I have shells so far for the XDS and Mod 2 and it has replaced the other holsters for those guns. I plan to add shells for the rest.

There it is. John Boch and the rest of the crew at TTAG, have at it ;)

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I’ve gotten the TTAG treatment a couple of times recently....good luck🙂