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One of the best backpack recommendations you’ll hear from both EDC enthusiasts and "one bag" travelers alike is the iconic GORUCK GR1. That’s not only because of the bag’s proven track record over the years as one of the first tactical backpacks on the market or its practically bombproof durability. The GORUCK GR1 wouldn’t be the overbuilt, do-it-all EDC bag it is without its history. Founded by a Special Forces soldier, GORUCK’s mission was to make products with military-level quality more accessible and practical in everyday life. They delivered that with their original GR1 and took it to the next level with its current version, available at a lower price.

The GORUCK GR1 takes a less-is-more approach when it comes to how you should carry your gear. It opens flat, giving you full organizational control thanks to three rows of MOLLE-compatible webbing on the interior for adding your own pouches and modular gear. There’s also a suspended laptop compartment that keeps your computer off the ground when you set your bag down. Besides that, you have access to another zippered front pocket for storing smaller, more frequently accessed gear.

It’s not just the inside of the GR1 that makes it a great EDC bag either—it comes in versatile sizes (21L and 26L) to do it all. Its durable, rainproof 1000D Cordura construction ensures it can stand up to wherever you take it without being too heavy. The shoulder straps also feature extra padding to maintain comfort even through the longest treks through the city or the woods. Its understated design blends in well for city use, but it packs some outdoor features like hydration bladder compatibility as well. Frequent flyers can haul the GR1 as their “one bag” and comply with TSA requirements too. With just a few packing cubes and pouches, the GR1 can pull double duty as your go-to travel bag.

While there are plenty of other tactical bags on the market that you can choose from, few have the history and proven track record of the GR1. If you want to check out the original rugged backpack for yourself, make sure to click the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by GORUCK.

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Sarrienne ·
"GORUCK’s mission was to make products with military-level quality more accessible and practical in everyday life"
Why, then, do they charge such high prices and make their products far more inaccessible?

Seriously, if I want 'military-level quality' I will buy *actual* military kit... and for a seventh of what a GoRuck GR1 Heritage costs, I'll get brand new NOS surplus military stock. Proper quality, better features, proven performance and plenty of cash left over for other kit, too!

Support your government and your soldiers - Buy actual military surplus kit, from approved surplus dealers and resellers with verifiable supply sources.
J.S. Leonard ·
Goruck is owned by former Green Beret and it's built to exceed military standards. I've carried a gr1 on Mission before. By buying Surplus backpacks you're not supporting the military in any way. premium quality warranty in the fact that is made the United States is what makes it a premium price tag buy once cry once. the reason that goruck came about was because of the equipment that is provided by the military is inferior.
Sarrienne ·
Pfft... Maybe *your* military. Ours do actually sell direct through approved companies, so whatever they charge wholesale goes directly into their pockets.
But then, the kit our guys get is often available direct from the same manufacturer on the civvy market too, albeit at full price, while some of the 'premium' civvy made kit ends up being adopted by the military as well... The difference is we get to have the kit that does survive actual use by the military.
But in addition, the amount of kit claiming to be "military spec", and even the crap that supposedly exceeds it, all that 'designed by soldiers, for soldiers'... I've known a LOT of it that hasn't even survived the first day's tab.

But again, if something was supposed to be more accessible, why are they charging such prohibitively high prices for it? It's very backward logic.
Josh Wallace ·
I have a GR1 and GR2. They are definitely my go to bag.
J Wahooo ·
Solid bag, best I have ever owned.
If you believe a $15 wallyworld bag is a good bag then I'm sure thats all you really need. And that's fine.
On the other hand if serious quality and durability is critacal to you, if you need a true one bag does it all, and if you ruck at all, then this is your only bag.
It's one of those if I need to convince you to buy it, you probably don't need it things.
J.S. Leonard ·
Buy once, cry once has always been my philosophy.
Mark Roberts ·
All I'm asking is for someone to demonstrate the "serious quality and durability" of these bags over much less expensive bags. OF COURSE GoRuck says "this thing is tougher/better/stronger." THEY SELL BACKPACKS. And of course people who have spent $300 say "I am sure my purchase was smart and wise." Who wants to say "Well I wish I had saved all that money and gone to Wally first."

What I'm asking is for someone to do a side by side comparison. I am asking for DATA that shows the GoRuck is worth so much more money. Give it the Consumer Reports challenge, EDC!

Yes, sometimes you buy once and cry once. But sometimes you buy once and cry often because you realize you bought marketing and a label, not value.

Mark Roberts ·
How can a backpack possibly be worth $295? I bought a backpack at Wally for less than $20 that is a dead ringer for this backpack. If someone says "It's not as durable" I COULD BUY FIFTEEN OF THOSE BACKPACKS for one GR1. Fifteen! How many of us are putting that kind of stress on a backpack anyway? I'm sure they are great but I just don't get how they can possibly be worth that much. I'd like EDC to do a direct stress test and SHOW they are better. Let's see how a $20 clone bag compares. Throw a $50 Columbia or REI bag in the mix. Let's have a backpack challenge and let's see the goods. Just how much better is it? I wonder if I'm paying $300 for the GR1 label, not actual tangible benefits. PROVE IT EDC!
Sarrienne ·
"How can a backpack possibly be worth $295?"
By being totally awesome and, like, utterly amazeballs and simply stunning... The GoRucks, however, are none of those things!
you got me there for a second 👍
J.S. Leonard ·
Do you own one? Have you used one? If not you have zero clue. Most people who use price as an argument usually aren't looking for the best. They're looking for what will just do. They usually have some form of product jealousy for items they can't afford. GoRuck carefully designs their packs for individuals who are actually going to be using them hard. I've owned cheap packs and they're cheap for a reason. I own, Kelty, Mystery Ranch, Eberlestock, Arc'teryx and about a half dozen other brands. GoRuck as out lasted them all. Until you own and carry one you have no option.
Sarrienne ·
I'm not most people. I go with whatever does what I want, the way I want and does it the best. That often is not the most expensive item out there, because the expensive stuff is so often overpriced guff designed for the Tacticool airsoft/paintball market... TBH, while Maxpedition kit (QC aside) does at least hold up reasonably well, even they are guilty of the same thing.

I also don't have to have owned one, as learn from other people's mistakes - I opted against a GoRuck back in early 2018 when one of my guys ordered one... and then had to return it as defective with a panel hanging off... only to find the second one had duff straps and busted stitching down one side... and then the third one was also duff... Finally he got the *fourth* one and, while he himself was happy with it, or just relieved it had no major defects this time, it still wasn't perfect. I can't recall how long it lasted, but he did end up sending it back because it gave out. Not even the cheap Polish junk we use has failed as bad as that!
GoRuck designs their kit for hard use, you say - Well we didn't even get to break it, because it already arrived broke!

Now obviously I'm just an infantry soldier not a Green Beret (although we do wear berets that are green), and I'm not a rich one either, but if you're shelling out *several hundred bucks* for something that claims to be top of the range, and need to go through FOUR of the things just to find one that isn't broken... then surely that suggests that the product ain't as good as it claims to be, no?

Or is your issue simply that I "cannot afford" to drop a few hundred bucks on something that I'm going to use and abuse the hell out of, and that might fail at the worst possible moment? OK, I'm not some high-speed low-drag Operator, but my LIFE still depends on my pack not falling apart... and GoRuck's track record in that so far stands at just 25%. That's worse than even the abysmal experimental military kit trialled (and rejected) in the early 1990s!!

Like most people realise, "the best" often doesn't cost half as much as companies like to charge for it. GoRuck quite famously pissed a lot of people off by massively hiking up prices, slapping an extra $100 or so on their GR1... and now they're moving most of their "premium quality made the United States" stuff to be made in Vietnam!!
Incidentally, you can often get brands like 5.11 direct from the manufacturer in Vietnam for a lot less than you'd pay a US retailer, and it still comes with the same kind of warranty!
Some of the best stuff round here is made in Poland, The Netherlands, Austria (hail Glock), Italy and Belgium, for example, with some of the most stunning warranties imaginable, both from the manufacturers direct and matched by their approved retailers locally.

So my sincerest apologies to you, good sir, but GoRuck is just a load od dodgy cack, and not only is is getting even dodgier, but it's also costing you a lot more for that privilege too!!

GoRuck can go ruck themselves!
J.S. Leonard ·
You're full of it. GoRuck Fit & Finish and quality control are top notch. That along with a well thought out design is why they have accumulated dozens of awards within the Pack/Bag industry. Too many positive testimonials and 5 star ratings make me think you're full of it. I own several GR products and they all arrived and function flawlessly.
Sarrienne ·
Sorry mate, but I saw four duff products come direct from them.
Not my problem if this fucks with your buyers' confirmation bias, given how much money you spent on that kit, but I've seen how bad their stuff can be with my own eyes and for the ridiculous prices they'd *damn well better* be fixing it for free. I'd have demanded a refund by the third such failure!!
Oh, and a whole industry giving each other awards isn't exactly independent confirmation, either... If they were that good, they'd be on general issue. If they were that good, we'd be using them. If they were THAT good, the quality would speak for itself and you'd not need to be spamming ranty posts at anyone who's also had a bad experience or doesn't feel several hundred quid is a fair price for a fecking Tacticool rucksack...

As is, most of the reviews I've seen from US military personnel utterly slate this kit as stupidly expensive, far too heavy, uncomfortable and lacking in features. But then just about every American company seems to have endorsements from, involvement with, and/or employees who are, current and ex-Special Forces/Delta/Ranger/SEALs... Back in my day ex-forces guys just wrote books, whereas now every one of them is the face of some brand or other.

So "buy once, cry once"... because when this one lets you down, you'll have no money left for anything else... especially once you start buying ruckplates for $100 as well as all the money-grabbing 'sold separately' junk... Meanwhile the rest of us just buy right and never have to cry in the first place!
J.S. Leonard ·
So your $20 Wally Pack dies while you are traveling and you're stuck in the airport with all your stuff and no pack, what are you going to do??? Buy an overpriced crappy airport bag that you don't actually need. GoRuck is American Made, Veteran Owned. That alone makes me want to support them. Their bags are overbuilt for a reason and have a scars for life warranty. I own the GR1 & Rucker. I have used the GR1 in country and trusted my life to it. Buy once, cry once I'm not constantly throwing money down the drain on crappy Chinese made junk.
270ultimate ·
Ain’t freedom grand?
J.S. Leonard ·
Best pack I own. I usually combine it with the GoRuck Rucker. This combination allows me to have the perfect bag regardless of what I'm needing I can carry the gr1 if I'm going on an extended trip or I need to carry quite a bit or I can carry the Rucker if I just need a smaller bag. I've traveled all over the world with the GR1 as my only bag ( I don't believe in checking bags, allows for faster easier travel) and it has functioned flawlessly. Go rock is over built made in America and that's why it carries premium price tag you buy once cry once the bag will last you a lifetime.

Also in my quiver is the GR2.