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Machinist (age 24)
Charlotte, NC
When I started my new job and can no longer have my personal tool box in the shop meant carrying tools, I use very frequently, on me so I'm not trying to find one around the shop and wasting away the day. Working in an oil soaked environment meant I needed items I didn't mind beating on and could take the abuse. From having to mark up blueprints or parts I needed writing instruments that couldn't just be wiped away and can write over some oil as displayed with my Dykem Paint marker, gel ink pen, and wet erase marker. After finally finding an alternative to the leatherman pocket clip for my wave that breaks oh so often, I could carry my wave without it being on my belt with this titanium pocket clip made by Donk Plus I found an amazon. And to wrap it up I always carry two juggernauts in the industrial industry in my Benchmade Griptillian and Mini Maglite, LED of course

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Nice to see a real EDC, as opposed to fashion photography full of trendy doo-dads.