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Trending: Leatherman Style PS Multi-tool

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Leatherman Style PS Multi-tool

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Today we're highlighting one member of Leatherman's often-overlooked compact series of tools. They have a huge catalog of tools to choose from, but the Style PS is the way to go if you’re going through airport security. Unfold it to reveal a Phillips screwdriver, scissors, and a pair of spring-action needle nose pliers that are surprisingly useful for their size. The stainless steel build can handle being tossed around, and it has a built-in carabiner so you can attach it to your bag if your pockets are full. At 0.3 ounces, you won’t even notice it’s there. Travel with peace of mind and pick it up at the link below.

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Pamela Lim ·
Bear in mind TSA rules don't apply in other countries around the world, since I got one confiscated in Kunming, China, I make it a point to check-in everything that might resemble a knife to the overzealous airport personnel waiting to pounce on our gadgets. Even a box of alan keys and torque screws are not allowed to pass checks in Taiwan, what more multitool. I need my Style PS and Wave and will never take it on my carry on bag.
Johan Bertilsson ·
As i said in an earlier post on travel EDC, to carry this on a plane in EU can be difficult. You should be able to do it but TSA rules do not work in the EU. Im on my second one, my first got taken by security in Arlanda Stockholm, because the security guard said that the screwdriver and file could be taken for a knife. So when you said it can go trough airport security please tell that that is only in the USA.
Dane Thomas ·
TSA rules and rules in other countries can be different, and I am sorry that you had yours taken at Arlanda. I live 35 minutes from Arlanda and have taken my Style PS through security there dozens of times over the past 6 years with no trouble (most recently yesterday.)

Other EU airports that I have passed through with my Style PS without problems with security include AGP, ALC, AMS, BMA, BRI, BRU, CPH, DUB, DUS, FLR, FRA, GOT, GVA, HEL, LCY, LHR, LIN, MAD, MAN, MMX, MUC, MXP, NCE, NYO, PMI, PRG, RNB, SDL, TXL, VIE, and ZRH.

I have had my Style PS confiscated by security in Peking, Cape Town, and most recently in Kuwait. Each of those countries have rules prohibiting any kind of tools in carry-on luggage, so it was the pliers that caught their attention. Of course, I had successfully passed through security with that tool in Shanghai, Johannesburg, two smaller airports in South Africa, and several times through Kuwait without a problem prior to having it confiscated. Enforcement of the rules can seem a bit arbitrary, no matter what the country.