Brass and leather

Victorville, CA
Always loved the look of brass and leather so I decided to include that love into my EDC.
The belt has been floating around from brother to brother in my family and now its my turn and the solid brass eagle buckle I picked up on eBay, the wallet is something I've been lusting after for many years and I finally got it as an early birthday present, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Attached to my wallet is a solid brass chain and on the opposite end is a Rusty butcher Key chain that I attach to my belt loop, now the only way I can loose my wallet is if I lose my pants, the watch is something im sure everyone is familiar with the seiko snk809 Its my first automatic and it definitely wont be my last, the cadet is something I didn’t think id get a ton of use out of but it’s something im constantly reaching for now, from tightening a screw or using it as a less “threatening” knife in public, the key ring is a cheap brass screw lock that I picked up for about $1 online on that I have a Copper Olight i3E EOS to me it works perfectly and is simple, it turns on and off and has a single mode thats plenty bright for
my daily tasks, last but not least my knife, the Esee Avispa , I didn’t think I could like a knife so much! This is my first D2 knife and honestly D2 isn’t as horrid as its made up to be as long as you know how to sharpen a knife properly, and at the $30 price point its a great folder with nice action with minimal breaking in and a slight tweak of the pivot, I also modified the blade by striping it with mustard and letting it oxidize overnight a couple of times and I’m happy with the outcome.

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