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Talonport Luggage Tags and Luggage Locks

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Talonport Luggage Tags and Luggage Locks

If you're a frequent flier, you know how important ID tags and locks are for keeping your luggage safe and secure. Unfortunately these kind of travel EDC essentials tend to get overlooked, and the quality of what you can normally find is usually quite lacking. Case in point: there are far too many overpriced and flimsy TSA locks out there, and they put your gear in danger from theft and pilfering each time they fail. Talonport aims to solve this with their high-quality travel goods and design-driven approach. Their indestructible luggage tags and keyless luggage locks could be just what you need before your next trip.

The Talonport luggage lock doesn’t need a combination for you to remember to unlock it. It also lacks the flimsy and too-small security key that a lot of travel locks come with. Instead, the Talonport lock uses a unique credit-card sized opener that features holes in the design which allow for easy insert opening. The card fits into a standard card holder or passport case, and you also get a smaller keychain tag size as well, so you’ll always have it on you. The unique opening mechanism helps further deter people from pilfering your valuables inside, or even adding things you don’t want which might get you into some trouble without you knowing. And because the locks are TSA-approved, you won’t have to worry about them cutting it open at a security checkpoint as well. If anything does happen to the locks, Talonport stands by a lifetime guarantee, and they’ll replace them for you without hassle.

Next comes the indestructible luggage tag, which at first glance looks like it’ll handle some serious abuse compared to the flimsy plastic tags you might find at an airport kiosk. Talonport’s solution is made out of durable stainless steel, and it’s further set apart from other tags in that your personal information is safely obscured until the details are slid out of the tag itself. After all, the tag comes in handy when the right people are trying to find out who owns a bag with the intent of getting it back to you. You don’t need to advertise your home address and telephone number, for instance, when you’re just waiting in line for a coffee at a station. And like with the TSA locks, Talonport stands by the quality of their product with a lifetime guarantee as well.

With Talonport’s TSA-approved luggage locks and indestructible luggage tag, you finally get well-designed travel essentials that are built to last. And with their lifetime warranty, they’re pretty much the last ones you have to buy, until you buy more luggage bags to put them on at least. Plus, for a limited time you can save 10% off by using the coupon ‘EDCTALON’ at checkout from Amazon linked below.

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100% a waste of money. It's a TSA007 lock which is trivially easy to pick or you can spend $3 and buy a master key online. Not that it matters because there's a 50% chance the TSA will cut your lock anyway making anything but the cheapest of the cheap locks a waste of money for airline travel, and all TSA locks are a waste of money for anything else.
Hi Rob - you're right. Anyone can buy a set of TSA keys and unlock any luggage lock - but you have to look at it in context. A luggage lock is a deterrent than absolute protection. If someone was going to steal from luggage, would they target the luggage with a lock on it or one that one open?

Of course, 95%+ of the time, you don't have to worry about someone stealing / putting in drugs/bullets etc. into your luggage. But, for $20, to add some more confidence that your luggage won't be targeted, might be well worth it for some people.

If you're going to use a luggage lock, the bigger benefit with our style is not having to carry keys with you or memorize a combination. If you're bringing your wallet - you're all set.

I also hear you about the TSA cutting the lock even with the key - it's has happened to our customers and myself personally twice. That's why with our locks we offer a lifetime guarantee. If the TSA cuts the lock, we replace it (free shipping too). We're trying to be one of the better companies out there :)

Thanks for your feedback and safe travels
Roamingjay ·
Sadly this style of lock is next to useless... google "[929] PacSafe Keycard Luggage Lock Picked FAST!" to see it picked in seconds.
Yes! I've watched LockPickingLaywer on Youtube and he's able to pick pretty much any lock you throw at him. Luckily, most thieves look for a quick and easy method and don't carry around a set of lock picking tools.
In context, someone's more likely to steal from a bag that has no lock vs. one that does.