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Imalent LD10

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Jonathan Tayag
Imalent LD10

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If you still think that you have to settle for a big, bulky, and expensive flashlight to get serious output under the hood, then you might get surprised by the bright new flashlight prospects this year. Take a look at the newly-released Imalent LD10, which offers a staggering 1,200 lumens max out the front while still being perfectly pocketable. Add in a bunch of valuable quality of life features you’ve has come to expect from a modern light, and you’ve got a strong contender for your next EDC that won’t weigh you down in size, or cost.

The Imalent LD10 packs a powerful Cree XPL HI LED module that drives up to a max of 1,200 lumens on Turbo, stepping down to a more manageable (and safe) 500 lumens after two minutes, as well as an enduring 10-lumen Low mode that runs for up to 180 hours. Its 5 modes are navigated via the single button switch on the tail, which conveniently integrates an OLED panel to tell you the current lumen output or remaining battery voltage. Its built-in 18350 battery is USB-rechargeable, and it does so via a magnetic tail cap. The benefit to having that magnetic surface at the tail end is that you can stick the light itself on metal objects to free up your hands while you work. If you place the included plastic diffuser on the tip, the LD10 can pull dual-duty as a lantern as well.

The LD10 is able to pull off all its functions while being a more than manageable 2.83" long, making it small enough for keychain light duty if you prefer. At 2 ounces on the scale, it certainly won't weigh you down at any rate. Despite is small size and weight, the it's built to endure, as it sports a 1.5 meter impact resistant aerospace-grade aluminum body, and rated with IPX8 water resistance for performance in the pouring rain and beyond.

If you're looking for a new, powerful EDC pocket light to ring in the New Year, you can't go wrong with the Imalent LD10. Make one yours at the link below.

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Lord Stout ·
A bunch of typos. Need help?
Doug French ·
So it would appear from the pix there is no "O" ring for attaching it to a keying or whatever and the diffuser, which is a nice idea, will never be at hand when I need it. Just make diffuser so it attaches to the light or key ring and then goes anywhere the light goes, without any effort.

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