Basic carry of a BKA (Below the Knee Amputee)

Disabled (age 34)
San Antonio, TX
As I have my right leg amputated below the knee, I’ve had to adjust my carry to a minimalist style in more ways than I had anticipated. I needed a “solve all” for my pocket’s “battle rattle” and found it in incorporating my items into modules that I can easily locate, store, access and rotate. Front pocket wallet with pen and notepad has solved 4 issues I had before my amputation: rear pocket wallet causing back problems, pen loose in pocket (as I don’t always have a shirt pocket), notepad being bent and distressed in pocket and the summit has a money clip so I’m able to rally around the wallet to fit all my needs. No more pocket bulk; my flashlight fits in my utility pocket on jeans, knife and keys ride abreast atop my right pocket, phone in the right pocket itself and the wallet rides front left leaving my back pockets free and my pockets in singular service of carrying my equipment.

The knife was a beater purchase, wanted a nice knife to USE well and retire when it is time.

I’m a fall risk because of my medical issues so the Apple Watch and iPhone combo is a no brainer: it will call emergency services for me if I’m in trouble and/or unresponsive.

The key situation has changed since I no longer drive and rarely leave my house, needing only a few keys is nice (my surplus keys to other things all have their own similar setup in my extended daily carry collection).

The coin just speaks for itself and is a novelty item. I have a large collection of coins (20+) so I rotate often and enjoy the way a heavy coin feels in my pocket. It also helps to fidget with whilst waiting around; less obvious than a spinner or a full sized pen.

Thank you so much for reading and viewing my gear, I hope you have a wonderful day and reach your own edc goals for obtaining all of that great gear out there!

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