Trending: TwoSun Titanium Prybar

Trending: TwoSun Titanium Prybar

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Despite being a slim piece of metal able to fit and--for the most part--offer leverage when it comes to certain tasks, your knife is better off not being a full-time pry bar. Sure, it worked that one time, but a chipped knife is a reprofiling headache not worth repeating. So for Titanium Tuesday, we're looking at a tool more apt for the job, the TwoSun Titanium Prybar. It's exactly what it describes, a TC4 titanium, 5.5" long, 0.3" thick pry tool with a slotted edge, letting you work both nails and narrow spaces alike. The edge also comes scored with a vertical pattern, offering a texture that gives its pry face more purchase and traction. The tool also makes the most of its body by adding functions where it can, like a bottle-opening slot towards the edge and 3 hex sizes punched into the body. As for EDC, the tool comes with a clip for pocket carry and a finger slot on its tail end to help with both grip and retrieval from your pockets. Check out the TwoSun Titanium Prybar at the link below.

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Too small to pry anything substantial. Too fat to prise anything small. Three hex cutouts (sort of) that can only work on a large flat plane.

It's yet another bottle opener. And at a kilo not one I'll be buying a crane for so I can use it when I can just whack the necks off of bottles against a rock perfectly well.

And not have to carry the damn rock around.

But it does have a finger hole, so there's that.
It actually works pretty well for ripping out small nails/staples/banding clips... Its lightweight and slips into a pocket easily...
Yes, it opens bottles like a champ... but I agree, the hex setup is useless as its employed...
I love this pry, one of the more useful items I've added to my daily gear.