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Trending: GOVO T4 Badge Holder / Wallet Ti

Mikey Bautista
Trending: GOVO T4 Badge Holder / Wallet Ti

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Climbing the charts for today's Titanium Tuesday is a unique badge holder that consolidates your essential cards into a lightweight, easy-to-wear package. The GOVO wallet consists of a lightweight 2.7-ounce, CNC-milled titanium frame that holds up to four cards. The card holding mechanism itself is spring-loaded, meaning that your cards are secure even if the wallet isn't loaded to its full capacity. The metal clip on the wallet allows for versatile carry on your belt or attached to your gear. And as its name implies, the GOVO wallet also functions as a badge holder, with a transparent 2mm polycarbonate screen on one side that can display your credentials as head in and out of your school or workplace. Check out one of the most robust badge holders you can wear or carry at the link below.

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Alex ·
I got one for use at work and it looks so clean and minimalistic just clipped onto my belt. Solidly built too, love it