My EDC #1

Noah Coleman
Student (age 20)
Ontario, CA
At 6.5 inches in length, and offering 351 lumens, The Mini Maglite Pro+ is an ultra bright compact light. Whether I am commuting to school, work or when running errands, I keep it on me, even if the trip will be a mere few minutes. It runs on 2 AA batteries, lasting 2h 30 min on high or 27 hours on low. The twisting of the head makes customizing the light brilliance a breeze. The head can come off to reveal a candle light effect which is great for lighting up a room or another area while conserving the battery.

The iPhone 8 Plus provides great all day battery life (depending on my usage), from early morning to late at night. It features 2 cameras which capture all my photos day to day, along with my alarm, daily note taking, podcast listening during the commuting, and more. The size doesn't bother since most phones in todays era are 6.5 inches long or bigger. Good phone.

Sharp, fresh looking, and easy to open (3 ways), the SOG Terminus XR knife is on me wherever I go. It is lighter than my CRKT knife that it sometimes sits in my pocket, unnoticed. Opening letters, cutting packages, or even wood, the blade has no problem. Being fun and easy open / close with one hand, I have often spent sometime opening or closing while doing less energetic tasks (reading, working on school assignments, etc.) The knife feels great in the hand thanks to the G10 grip.

The Garmin Fenix 5x is a robust piece of hardware and the most practical of my EDC. Checking the time, setting timers, monitoring my activity tracking, utilizing the stop watch, this watch does it all. The Sapphire Crystal lens and stainless steel enclosure provide durability, since having a dog and working out help protect from the accidental hits in life. The battery can last me anywhere from 1 week to around 2. A little big for some smaller wrists but nice to wear.

The CRKT (Columbia River Knife Tool) is solid to use. Cutting. Slicing. Opening. Closing. All functionality of the knife feels durable and well crafted. It snaps nicely and the opening is smooth. The black coat looks nice, and it feels good in the hand. It is longer than my SOG Terminus XR and heavier to, but that is okay. When I am focus on the task at hand, I don't even think about it or even feel it at times. Being out in the country and having wild animals around, this knife offers a bit of comfort for the early morning or evening walks, especially those that enter the forest. Locking is solid. Blade doesn't move at all which is a good thing when it comes to a folding knife. 10/10 on all levels.

The Gerber Mullet is a new addition to my EDC. I haven't used it much but it is handy in case I need to complete something in a pinch.

The SuperFuel lighter is a daily essential. Nice and light, while coated in black. I only usage is for lighting the wood stove at the home, and my mothers candles. A small switch at the back adjusts the flow of the butane flame. In a survival situation, it is a comforting source of fire. Being at Dollarama for only a few dollars, it is quite affordable. More are kept in my BUG out bag, in my room, kits, and car.

The paracord bracelet is on everywhere. Looking nice, and having a good amount of cordage intertwined, it is a reassuring item to have part of the EDC.

The SOG Macv tool has a range of tools that are both essential and handy to have in your pocket. The iconic SOG skull face within the mix is awesome to show and carry.

The Tactical Pen has been a good assistant when I have needed a pen. In fact, one time I forgot completely that I had it on me. The task at hand wasn't the most important but having the pen there helped. It features a glass breaker point at the top which is good if I ever needed it. The pen opens to a bolt lock function which is both pleasant to look at and use. Writes well and looks good in black.

Using 4 few cards primarily throughout the week, the Gerber Barbell is nice due to the size and weight. Keeping and removing this from my pocket is smooth. The band is strong, keeping the cards snug but easily able to remove if need be. Looks great. Feels great.

The Pelican Voyager case handles drops, and bumps well. Reliable brand. Good product.

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Arty ·
Nice detailed and informative write-up.
I, too am enjoying my SmootherPro (?) pen. Good budget tactical pen.
Noah Coleman ·
Hi Arty.

Thanks for the shoutout. I will do my best to find the link / model of the pen for you. 🤛🏻