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Trending: Lever Gear BitVault

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Lever Gear BitVault

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At its core, the Lever Gear BitVault is a compact container that carries either a bit set or small essentials like pills or emergency cash, with removable tray dividers to configure storage as needed. It comes with a uni-body construction 3.13” long made from aluminum alloy, with a sealed, watertight compartment to secure its contents. The flat, rectangular form factor works with the included clip so the BitVault can lay flush in your pocket, with a tail end carabiner-style slot that lets you attach a keyring as a secondary carry option. And of course, a hex bit slot on the top drives the bits it's carrying, letting the BitVault itself act as a handle for a better grip. The whole package carries light at a little over an ounce, with enough room in its storage for 11cm³ worth of items, striking a good balance for EDC. Whether you need a compact tool kit for everyday tasks, a rugged emergency stash, or an easier way to carry your smallest EDC items, today's Tool Tuesday feature has space to spare.

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Very clean looking for all that capability.
John ·
Love it!
Michaelangelo ·
I'd really enjoy a rundown of pocket bit drivers.