Gerber Prybrid X and Prybrid Utility

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Whether prying open cans for a project, removing nails from wood, or un-jamming stuck objects around the house, pry bars are actually the best tool for the job, and not (to the unfortunate error of some) the tip of your blade. In the same way, a pry bar isn’t effective as a cutting tool either, more a blunt instrument than a precision slicer. But combining both tools in a useful, pocket-friendly package makes Gerber’s newest hybrid tools a worthy addition to anyone’s carry. The new Prybrid X and Prybrid Utility combine some of the most used functions in your daily setup into a sleek, stylish and lightweight package. Both are based on the form factor of utility knives, offering a compact, non-threatening option for everyday prying and cutting tasks.

Gerber Prybrid X

The Prybrid X comes with eight functions and uses a No. 11 hobby blade, which can be replaced at hobby or hardware stores. The slide mechanism is housed in a steel casing and allows the blade to deploy and retract smoothly, and fully extending the blade allows you to take it out for replacement. Aluminum scales give the tool lightweight strength while also protecting the steel housing. The other end of the tool integrates six functions: a pry bar, a nail puller, two sizes of flathead drivers, a wire stripper, and a bottle opener. Finally, a length of 550 paracord comes woven into the body, allowing you to use it as a lanyard to help with grip and retrieval, and to unwrap it when you need access to some extra cordage.

At under 4″ long, 0.25″ thick and 1.7 ounces, the Prybrid X is easy enough to carry in you pocket or even hang off a keychain. It comes in two colorways: Urban Blue, which combines sliver anodized aluminum scales with a dark blue paracord wrap, and OD Green, which combines a black stonewashed finish for the scales with green paracord.

Gerber Prybrid Utility

The larger Prybrid Utility takes its cues from utility knives and uses standard box cutter blades. It still has eight functions, but its ergonomic shape allows it to be more capable for harder tasks. It has a similar slide mechanism to the Prybrid X, deploying and sliding out in two steps to allow for blade replacement. Textured and grooved G10 scales sandwich the main body and spine of the tool, and help with handling and grip. The spine provides a rigid platform for the pry bar, which also combines with a wire stripper, nail puller, flathead drivers, and bottle opener, in a similar configuration. Instead of including paracord, the Prybrid Utility features a cord cutter notch at the bottom of the tool to sever cordage or webbing without having to slide the blade out.

With a weight of 2.9 ounces and a closed length of 4.25″, it’s still light and portable enough for EDC, especially for all the utility you have at hand. Like the Prybrid X, it comes in two variants: either with Tactical Gray or OD Green G10 scales.

If you want to have the utility of a blade, pry bar, and more in your pocket, or have a lightweight combination tool as functional backups to your favorite blade and tools, the Gerber Prybrids deserve a spot in your EDC. Check both out at Gerber’s site the link below.

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