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Trending: Anti-Wallet + Key Hitch

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Anti-Wallet + Key Hitch

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For Wallet Wednesday, we look at a clever take on minimalist elastic band wallet with the Anti-Gear Anti-Wallet with Key Hitch. It’s a slim and lightweight design that accommodates a combination of up to 10 cards or 20 bills, with two side stretch pockets for organization and to store some of your extra pocket carry. What’s clever about the Anti-Wallet is that you can turn the wallet inside out to access a small pocket that fits Bluetooth trackers like the Tile Mate, allowing you to find the Anti-Wallet via your phone, or vice-versa. This version also includes a Key Hitch that can hold up to 6 keys and attaches via a spring-loaded clip to the wallet’s integrated attachment bar. This elongated mounting bar can also be used to attach a lanyard or tether for retrieval or security. The Anti-Wallet’s elastic design means you can tuck in your attached keys (or wallet tools, or USB drives) into its side pockets, making for a compact, jangle-free, and snag-fee carry. For a lightweight (and stretchy) way to carry your cash, cards and keys, check out Anti-Gear’s Anti-Wallet with Key Hitch at the link below.

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Photo credit: Marvin O’Mara

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The Anti Wallet is the best wallet that I have ever tried. Minimal and practical. Carries my cash, cards, pen, and flashlight (with the sleeve attachment).