A Native New Yorker's EDC

Ridgewood, NY
These items cover all my bases, giving me ultimate peace of mind when I'm at my restaurant or out n' about.

The Skeletool is my knife/multitool of choice. Used to carry a Spyderco Tenacious, but New Yorkers tend to run screaming in the other direction when they see a knife. Pairing that with my Style CS works well, and no one's all like "HOLY S*** DON'T KILL ME" when I take it out.

Keybar organizes my home and restaurant keys, and the Style CS and I1R2 EOS never leave its side as backups.

Had the S2 Baton for two years now, and it's been great for spot checks at my restaurant. Once lit up my sister's apartment when her power went out in the summer. Looking to upgrade soon, recs welcome.

IPhone 11 and Series 5 Watch pair like a dream.

I don't smoke, but a lot of my friends and family do, and they frequently ask to borrow my Zippo. Plus, Zippos are just cool.

The wallet comfortably holds my credit cards, Metrocard, cash, business cards, and IDs (NYS and Food Handlers).

Finally, the beads have their roles: tiger's eye is said to bring good luck, and the amethyst is not only my birthstone, it's said to relieve stress.

That was long, sorry. Thanks for reading.

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