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Trending: Peak Eiger AAA Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Peak Eiger AAA Flashlight

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The Peak Eiger AAA remains a relevant and viable EDC light due to compact size and its ability to take on different types of batteries, ensuring that you won’t have a problem selecting replacements. It can take normal alkaline batteries, NiMH rechargeables, and even 3.7 volt Li-ion 10440s that increase its output and runtimes. A twist mechanism keeps operation simple, although you can get a momentary switch for even quicker activation through a separate upgrade purchase.

The Eiger shines through small yet thoughtful details. The potted electronics means its internals sit in thermal epoxy for shock and water resistance, and its battery contacts are built from solid brass for long-term durability. The chassis is water sealed with O-rings and its window is made of an unbreakable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Two different beam patterns give you flexibility for general or long-range use, while access to variable light output makes the most of the Cree XP-G LED, depending on your needs and situation.

The Peak Eiger AAA is completely made and assembled in the USA, and you can pick it up with an anodized aluminum or stainless steel body at the link below.

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Discussion (4 total)

Josh ·
Does anyone know what the output is on these? Neither this write up nor the Amazon page lists the lumens as far as I can tell.
Hexagon ·
I've heard of you go through peak themselves, they can customize to whatever lumens you would like. Otherwise from elsewhere, your guess is better than mine
Josh ·
Yeah, cause as usual, it's just an amazon link which doesn't list lumens...which is generally one of the most useful pieces of info for a flashlight....at least in my opinion.
Edmundo ·
this is an old post... hopefully you got it answered elsewhere... they do not specifically state lumens or runtimes as there are so many options for battery size, chemistry, etc. Urban EDC Supply has a pretty good listing for standard AAAs. The flexibility is what makes them cool, I have a bunch of different Eiger heads and bodies for different size batteries. I can run AAA, NIMH, 14440s, 10180s 10280 (lithium and primary), mule heads, different power heads from 5 lumens to max, different LEDs... etc. They're really fun to customize and extremely, utterly bombproof