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LOCLEN "Tiny" Pocket Fountain Pen

Mikey Bautista

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Many fountain pens are inconvenient to EDC by design, ultimately ending up on desk duty. The team at LOCLEN hope to change that with Tiny, a pocket fountain pen envisioned to be a portable, minimalist pen carry when closed, but balanced and fully-featured as a writing instrument when open with its cap posted. Tiny is 3.74 in. (95 mm) long, weighs 0.95 oz (27 g), is manufactured out of C360 brass, and is equipped with premium Bock nibs that take Pelikan 4001 or similar short ink cartridges. Backers have until January to pledge for a Tiny, with a number of additional and customizable features such as body finish, cap shape, clip, and a handmade Italian case, giving you plenty of options for the on-the-go fountain pen experience that's right for you.


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Piotr Szoucha ·
Nice one, although when it comes to form factor, the best EDC fountain pen I have found so far is Kaweco sport ALU. If you take clean alu version, it will also age nicely.
good looking pen, but I prefer FP with ink converter