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Trending: Grim Workshop Jordan Jonas Signature Card

Mon Garcia
Trending: Grim Workshop Jordan Jonas Signature Card

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Card-type multi-tools are a great way to carry extra EDC functionality in a space you may not be using in your wallet. If you’re looking to add one to yours, Grim Workshop makes robust tool cards with input from outdoor experts for their Signature Card line, and this time they’ve partnered with expert survivalist Jordan Jonas for his namesake model. The Grim Workshop Jordan Jonas Signature Card features nine different outdoor and survival-centric functions that you can easily pack it in your wallet, or compact survival tin.

This hardened stainless steel survival card features an arrowhead tip that you can use as a spike to enhance a deadfall trap for catching small game, which you can make with the included Paiute trigger and trap assembly. Two small hook-and-lure combos and four slightly larger hooks ensure you’re stocked for fishing, and a net weaving shuttle lets you sew and mend your net in a pinch. It holds an awl for leatherworking and a sewing needle for some quick repairs, and also includes the small but useful Sharpener Card for light field maintenance of your tools and blades. If you’re looking to pack this kind of functionality in a card that takes up the exact space as a standard credit card, check out Wallet Wednesday’s survival multi-tool card at the link below.

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