Travel carry

A small view into what I carry in my backpack while traveling the globe.

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Where do you travel with a passport that you can also travel with a knife?
You can place your knife in your checked bag when flying. You can also drive across borders with it.
What is the handy hook for?
I have found a lot of random uses for it. Grabbing wires while doing electrical work. Pulling rings out of drains. Cleaning hair out of those same drains after pulling out a hairy ring. Cleaning stuff out of the crevices of my knives and multitools. I have even used it to detail my car (good for small areas that I can’t reach). It has as many uses that you can think of for it. Unfortunately they stopped making them.
Oh neat, sounds very practical in your line of work. I had never seen anything like it and was just curious--- thanks for the response. I love seeing the unique tools that different people carry for their chosen profession, outside of the standard keys/wallet/phone. It always fascinates me. Thanks for sharing!