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Trending: Gerber Impromptu

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Gerber Impromptu

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It's never a bad time to carry a good pen, especially one designed to take on the toughest everyday challenges. From tackling harsh writing deadlines to punching through glass in cases of emergency, the Impromptu—true to its name—prepares you for the unexpected, climbing our charts for Tactical Tuesday. As a jotter, it uses weather-resistant Rite in the Rain ink cartridges that write in all conditions, deployed with a reliable push-button clicky switch. Its machined steel body is thick and beefy, but apply force to its glass-breaking tempered tip and you can thrust through any trouble. Deep grooves in the body help with grip, and a Cerakote ceramic coating keeps its finish durable and resilient. Its stainless steel pocket clip also lets you easily carry the Impromptu for EDC. If you need a USA-made pen that can both outlive you and maybe even save your life someday, pick up the Gerber Impromptu at the link below.

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Montana Actual ·
lol wut? Isn't this thing from like 2006? TBH, it's pretty terrible too. Heavy AF and the cheap paint job wears within a week. Not sure when I bought mine but it was long enough to forget and its been in a reserve pack for years now. There is no point in tactical pens. If you need a glass breaker, get an actual one and store it where you need it. For a pen, just get a Fisher Space and be an adult about it. This pen is not worth the price or the weight. Also, my clip broke because it's cheap metal and poorly constructed.
Raven ·
Totally agree! Get a pen you like and carry it. Glass breakers are like beer openers - an inexpensive add on that many folks never use. However it is more likely folks will use a beer opener than a glass breaker!
Montana Actual ·
I have a glass breaker and seat belt cutter in two spots in my truck. One on the left side in the door, and one on the right side in a quick access tacticool pouch thingy. That is about the most practical spot I can think for them unless you are a first responder. When I did carry these cool pens I was in the Army, and they would actually end up putting holes in places I didn't want them lol.