Covid ICU Every Night Carry

Stony Brook, NY
35M/Surgery resident conscripted to ICU/Long Island, NY

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Bernard Capulong ·
Thank you for what you do!
Finn ·
Great carry, and just wanted to add what others have said in thanking you for what you do. I'm a courier and have been experiencing a lot of anxiety with the current world situation, but much as you, am expected to come to work and do my job all the same, of course. I know we didn't ask to do this and be called heroes, but nonetheless we're braving the anxiety and supporting ourselves and our families while making a difference, instead of throwing in the towel and quitting or something which could give us unemployment pay (although I do want to note that my job is nowhere near as challenging or risky as yours, that's clear!). Best of luck, stay safe, and again thank you for continuing to be committed despite the risks. We appreciate you.
Mark ·
Thank you for your service you're a Hero
Thank you for what you do. Are the Duplo figurines for entertaining any little ones you come across in your line of work? If so, that is touching but at the same time heart-wrenching
Ross ·
No, the Duplo figures are good luck totems of my actual family (sent away at the start of all this) and stand in the foreground of FaceTime calls with my daughter. No kids or any patient family allowed on my unit
Angel Arsi ·
I just wanna say thank u for ur work on the frontlines! Stay safe!