Urban Client Service EDC

Working in Client Servicing means long hours in the office and on the road. The Hamilton Day Date function helps keep track of time and important appointments, and the date function is absolutely essential for navigating odd/even license plate traffic management scheme in the business district.

Staying in touch with clients is obviously important, and the generic 10000mAh Powerbank and Short USB C charger keeps my S20+ powered all day when on the road, whilst the battery life and audio quality of the TWS Galaxy Buds+ is a convenient way to stay connected on the move.

The Victorinox Compact as the name suggests is small enough to fit into the pocket for everyday office needs. The pen serves as backup tool to take notes in meetings while the scissor, nail file, tweezers and toothpick helps keeping up presentable appearances and handle rogue threads and nails. The small blade is mostly used to open mails whilst package and product shipments from clients are handled by the beefier Spyderco. The corkscrew come in handy when out celebrating with clients.

For more specialized tools to stay presentable, a generic personal care set rounds up the EDC.

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