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I constantly find myself reaching for the same things when I leave the house, and I think I've pared it down to just my essentials. The battle whether or not to carry a dedicated flashlight was hard fought, but ultimately I just don't find myself in situations where my phone isn't on me, or out of charge.

(So I think my item notes aren't displaying, here's a little about each, by number)

1) This is my heavily customised TU pocketknife, I've taken the handle scales off, shaved down the lock system to make it operate more like a slipjoint (for UK carry reasons), and made the bead + shell toggle pieces myself :)

2) This is a generic brand ball bearing, which I use for fidgeting instead of a spinner. Has a very nice weight to it, too

3) (Swisschamp Max) I've taken the scales off this one too, for a slimmer, slightly more pocketable profile. This usually goes with the mini screwdriver in a belt pouch, or on its own in a deep pocket/bag, pretty much everywhere I go, a great all round, UK legal EDC knife. I made the custom leather tag myself from a broken strap

4) I couldn't find the exact brand, but any small footprint flathead will do - works on phillips heads in a pinch, and doubles as a pry tool - there's also electrical tape wrapped around the neck for insulation.

5) For making holes in stuff! A hollow cavity in the body hides a drill bit so it doesn't tear my pockets

6) I carry a 0.1 and a 0.5 fine liner, which helps cover the range quite well from fine lining to thicker line art + edges. The ink quality is great and I love the sensory element of writing notes with these

7) Great little mechanical pencil, means I don't have to carry a sharpener around, but I need pencils pretty often. Hidden retractable rubber in the back is handy too, and the kuru toga mechanism rotates the lead every time pressure is lifted off the pencil, preventing chiselling and ensuring a reliable line thickness

8) These are generic brand notebooks I buy from 'TIGER' - they're 3 for £1 or something ridiculous like that, and it shows in the binding quality, but I buy 12 at a time and I don't feel bad abusing them, tearing out pages I wanna keep, almost like post-its

9) This is a bolt holding my keys together, tightened with a nyloc nut to a comfortable thickness so the keys move freely, and then cut + sanded down to reduce pocket snagging. The whole thing basically doesn't jangle, which is a pet peeve of mine, so that's nice too

I'm reading 'Four Quartets', T.S. Eliot, if anyone's interested in the book in the corner ;)
Happy Carrying!

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