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Trending: Griffin Mini Pocket Tool

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Trending: Griffin Mini Pocket Tool

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Key chain suspension clips and pry bars have both been popular additions to EDC setups, with one giving you the convenience of keeping your keys accessible and avoiding the uncomfortable pocket bulge, and the other serving as proper tool to use for certain situations, saving the edge of your favorite knife. The Griffin Mini Pocket Tool integrates both functions into a handy 2" long form factor: there’s a scoring tool, a 1/4" bit driver that also doubles as a bottle opener, and a few sizes of wrenches. The open part of the pocket clip integrates 1/4" and 11/32" open wrenches, while the closed 5/16" wrench doubles as the loop for your split ring or carabiner, letting you attach the Mini Pocket Tool to your key chain. Finally, the prying tool at the end can be commissioned as a screwdriver or scraper in a jiffy. At just 0.5 ounces in stainless steel and about half of that for the lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium version, it’s an easy addition to your key chain setup. Check out both versions of the Griffin Mini Pocket Tool at the link below.

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