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Trending: Olight i3T EOS AAA Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Olight i3T EOS AAA Flashlight

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The smaller AAA platform for flashlights has usually traded down lumens for convenience and portability, but thanks to the continuous progression of technology, compact lights like the Olight i3T EOS now provide the function and output of its much larger brethren. This crowd-favorite EDC light is able to reach its 180 lumens maximum output from its Philips LUXEON TX emitter and hold it for 20 minutes, all on easy-to-replace alkaline batteries.

A large rubberized tail switch lets you switch between its two modes: a 5-lumen Low for sweeping scans and when you don’t want to blind yourself or your companions, and the aforementioned 180-lumen High for when you need a burst of illumination. The forward-clicky switch also allows for momentary engagement of either mode, which easy for your thumb to do while holding the light in an overhand grip.

Helix-styled body knurling on its lightweight, IPX8-rated aluminum body offers a distinct style and an enhanced grip, while the lanyard-ready, two-way pocket clip gives you multiple carry options. At 3.5" long and 1.45 ounces, the Olight i3T EOS integrates easily with your EDC kit, clipped to your pocket or pack, or as part of your keychain setup. Check it out at the link below.

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Thorsten Bublitz ·
The Pen: RovyVon Commander C10
Pale Rider ·
Who makes that pen?
Jason Ford ·
May I ask what type of bolt action pen that is next to the i3t eos? That beauty is massive and well something I’d really like? Thank you
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