New Normal means more EDC

JG Phoenix
Makati CIty, Philippines
Our routines are changing as our lives are upheaved by the changes brought by COVID-19. The change that has taken place is our new normal. Work, home, and social life have all been altered, and it’s something a lot of people are concerned with.

We looked at physical health needs and the immediate impact on physical life given the restrictions. In view of this, masks, alcohol/disinfectant, face shield (not in the picture), and the no touch door opener/button pusher are additional items to my EDC not to mention strict adherence to social distancing. All items are preferred to be in copper or brass material as these are known to be anti-bacterial and will help in protecting us from the virus.

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Kurt ·
How do you like the 02 Canada mask? Been looking for the best masks since it's going to be part of the EDC for the foreseeable future.
I was going to ask the same thing. Been looking at the 02 for a bit, as well.